iPhone Touch Disease Repairs

Touch Disease Repairs for iPhones

iPhone 6 Touch Disease Repairs

Same-Day Service for iPhone 6 Touch Disease

We rely on our iPhone’s touch screen capabilities in order to access the various apps and tools that we have grown to love. So when your touch screen starts acting up and keeping you from accessing your device when you need it most. If you are experiencing issues with touch controls, chances are it’s a case of touch disease, which has been reported in iPhone 6 models. This will require professional disassembly of your phone and logic board repair. Fortunately, Atlanta iPhone and MacBook Repair has the tools and skill necessary to get the job done.

Logic Board Repairs for iPhone 6 in New York

Your iPhone’s logic board is responsible for all of your phone’s features and capabilities, so when it experiences any damage from an accident or merely from years of use, you’ll probably need a new one. Touch disease stems from some problem with your logic board, and it is lodged deeply in your phone. When you bring your iPhone 6 to our New York repair shop, our technicians will take your phone apart in record time and make any fixes and replacements necessary. We’ll get the job done, and at the fraction of a price of a new phone. Call today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins welcome!

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