iPhone 7 Audio Chip Repairs

iPhone 7 Audio Chip Repairs
Have you noticed that you can’t hear any sound on calls, on videos, when you want to play music? Just no sound in general? The issue may lie in your logic board. If your iPhone 7 experienced water damage recently, this is one of the main side effects. You need your iPhone’s audio capabilities to make calls, listen to music and record audio. When you bring your iPhone to Atlanta iPhone and MacBook Repair in downtown New York, we are able to fully disassemble your phone using professional tools and examine your iPhone’s logic board, looking at the chips and checking to see that everything’s working. If it isn’t, we can take the necessary next steps to repair your smartphone.

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Don’t be fooled! This is no easy repair job. While you may feel an urge to try fixing your phone yourself when the audio fails, this is a high-level repair job that requires professional insights and years of experience. Fortunately, the Atlanta iPhone and MacBook Repair team has just that. Come visit us or call to learn more about how we can help. We are here to make sure you get the best service imaginable.

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